iceboating clubs

International DN Ice Yacht Racing Associations web site.

The very popular offical IDNIYRA bulletin board system.

Four lakes Ice Yacht Club
Madison, Wi
One of the most active clubs in the sport of ice yachting and have they have been promoting, and preserving the sport of ice yachting for well over 75 years.

Western Connecticut Ice Yacht & Social Club
The club consists of hardwater sailors from Connecticut that sail the frozen waters of Candlewood Lake in the Danbury area and Bantam Lake in Litchfield County.

Erie Yacht Club -- Iceboating
The Erie Yacht Club Iceboating Fleet home page.

Unofficial Hudson River Ice Yacht Club
Preserving and Sailing the Historic Gaff Rigged Ice Yachts of New York's Hudson River Valley

New England Ice Yacht Association
New England Ice Yacht Association (NEIYA)

Official European DN Icesailing Association
Web Communication Center for European DN Iceboaters. Over there they call it icesailng, but I call it iceboating.

European DN Forum
great european classifieds and dn europe class news.

Official German DN Site
The official German DN iceboating site. (all in german)

Offical Dutch DN Site
The official Dutch DN iceboating site. (all in dutch)

Polish DN Fleet Association
Hosted World Championships 2002

Offical Russian DN Association
IDNIYRA-Russia (in english and russian)

Stockholms Ice Yacht Club, Sweden
DN iceboaters in Stockholms, Sweden

Ice Sailing from Prince Edward Island, Canada
DN sailing up in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Skeeter Ice Boat Club
Williams Bay. Wisconsin "The Ice Boat Capital Of The World"

North Shrewsbury Ice Boat & Yacht Club
red bank, new jersey, monmouth county

International Nite Class Association
Official International Nite Class Association.
Plans and construction photos for the J14 , J20 and JX iceboats.

land/ice speed records teams

Macquarie Speed Sailing Team
Australian Project

UK Project

remote control

Remote Control Ice Boats
A growing international group of us are playing around with rc versions of iceboats and landsailers. Here's a taste of the action, with some links to others.


Buffalo, MN
View of Buffalo Lake in Buffalo, MN provided by the school district.



It might help to put a rotating selection of webcams that are pointed at lakes around the state to show ice conditions.

Webcams are useful to 'see' what the conditions are like. Green Lake, Gull Lake and others are covered for example. You now have Buffalo but it might be useful to have others.

Here is Craguns's...and the ice is looking pretty good for today:


Elk Lake Michigan Iceboating
Everything Iceboating in Michigan, plus updates, news and photos of iceboating events on Elk Lake.