Iceboat swap meet Nov. 1 at Sailcrafters

Iceboat swap meet Nov. 1, 2014 from 10am-2pm. at Sailcrafters, 7450 Oxford Street, St. Louis Park, MN. 55426.

Everyone welcome.

More info contact Tim 952-693-6089

FOR SALE: New Sarns DN hardware: chocks, mast base, steering posts, etc.

FOR SALE: New Sarns DN hardware: chocks, mast base, steering posts, etc.

New Sarns DN hardware: chocks, mast base, steering posts, etc.
This is new hardware that has never been used.
Shipping to contiguous US 48 states as noted below.

Mast Base $44, free shipping (and no tax)
Mast Socket $29, free shipping (and no tax)
Mast Step $44, free shipping (and no tax)
Bushing set $33, free shipping (and no tax)
Outhaul bracket $32, free shipping (and no tax)
Side Chocks $190 , $10 shipping (and no tax)
Chock plate set $75, free shipping (and no tax)

FOR SALE: New Sarns 30" bull nose runners

FOR SALE: New Sarns 30" bull nose runners

New Sarns 30" bull nose runners
Black powder coat.
These have never been used. A couple of small scratches and a few crazings in the powder coat but that won't slow you down!
MSRP is $880. Yours for $700 and shipping at cost (or pickup in E. Lansing, MI or see you at a regatta!)

FOR SALE: DN Planks - new

FOR SALE: DN Planks - new

Strip built, Laminated Ash / Spruce / Ash

My DN planks are made from Michigan White Ash skins, native to our area, over a white wood core (Spruce
or Pine). I use a strip construction because it creates repeatability of process and reduces the chance of
plank twist as the wood ages. This adds time and materials to the building process, but I feel it’s well worth
it versus the single-piece skins and core method. And I’ve never had a report of one of my planks twisting or failing yet.

FOR SALE: DN Boom - new

FOR SALE: DN Boom - new

Condition: New
Year: 2014
Price: $125
Contact info: George
Phone: 517-980-4609
Email: sieglege (a-t) spamarrest do-t com

DN Boom

• Ash
• West System Epoxy
• Hollow in middle
• Finished with Helmsman UV
Drilled for eyestraps, you supply hardware.

Photos available, e-mail me

Iceboat Swap Meeet November 1st

Iceboat swap meet Nov. 1st at Sailcrafters 7450 Oxford Street, St. Louis Park, MN. 55426.
10am-2pm. everyone welcome. More info contact Tim 952-693-6089

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Test fit

Starting to look like it might actually make it to the ice by December. Today's lesson learned is apparently never try to assemble on a downhill slope. Never really thought about it because ice is usually level, but almost dropped the mast today before getting the boat level. Measurements for stays and sail are complete. Time for paint.
Test fit

Ice Boat Swap Meet: Nov 2, 2014; Williams Bay, WI.

The 29th annual Skeeter Ice Boat Club Swap Meet is scheduled for Nov 2, 2014, 9:00 a.m. to noon, at Lucke's Cantina, Williams Bay, WI.

Put this on your calendar! This is the "Grand Daddy" of swap meets. Anything and everything related to iceboats will be for sale. This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your DN program or to purchase that must have piece of equipment that will move you up to the Gold fleet.

For more info email:
Additional details at the 4 Lakes IYC web site:

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Two North DN sails from the Detroit loft-

The first is a North ABSS sail, built 2012, always stored dry and cool, battens never tensioned unless racing. Windows in great shape. Cloth still crispy! Great all-around sail. Medium amount of depth. Includes battens with custom adjusters, can adjust batten tension without removing mittens!

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Back in Black

Carbon fiber is soooooooooo pretty! It makes me wonder why we put paint on these things. Considering leaving the bottom natural carbon fiber look. But hopefully nobody ever sees that side of the boat. Next up - Canopy!!
Back in Black

Doctor wins 2014 MC Invitational

Congrats to Mark "Doctor" Christensen (US 4824) for racking up another soft water victory. The Doctor continued his winning ways in the MC fleet by taking top honors at the 2014 MC Invitational.

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Bottoms Up.

The bottom deck is 3mm Okoume ply from Midwest Boat Appeal in St. Bonifacius. If you have never been there, it is definitely a great boating resource. They stock about 10 different marine plywoods, Sitka Spruce, and Mahogany. I asked why they have Sitka, and it is basically for the hydroplane and homebuilt aircraft guys. Now on to mounting hull hardware and steering.
Bottoms up

DN for sale in Illinois

Two DN's , gougeon design, 2001,carbon reinforced rocket or aircraft Sitka,Carbon,glass strip mast,polish t runners, f01 Doyle sail, $3000.00 also 1999 Goodwin design, winder glass mast, 3/16 stainless inserts, Doyle F01 sail. Optional Sarns plates($400),stainless angles($200), Doyle speed sail (300), call Tim Dixon, 217-529-7414,

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Whole Lotta Basswood

The sides are on. They are 5/8" thick basswood, and full length, not spliced. Pretty tough trying to keep such wide boards flat, but it worked out.
Whole Lotta Basswood

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Framed !!

All the frames are mounted to the form and all the chines are glued on. It's starting to look like an iceboat. Man this thing is small. I will have to loose a few pounds before winter.
Framed !!

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