Close up of Snowboard skate used in "action Shots"

Close up of Snowboard skate used in "action Shots"

These worked Great !


Snowboard blade

I have always wanted to make that exact snow ski for my ice boat. I am excited that it works so well for you. It could work great even if there was good ice with big snow drifts.

Nice job!!

Andy Foster
Lake Minnetonka - DN ??? (Antique road show)


I've tried cheapy snowboards and skis, but they didn't work. The high buck ,fast snowboards are so much better. I think that's what made them work so much better. The skate dropping thru an inch keeps you from going sideways, helps with steering and let's you continue to sail if you hit clear ice. Besides making them caused all the snow to melt...we're back to skates now!


Snowboatd runners

Would like to get more details regarding this conversion.
What model snowboard and how to fabricate.

Chip DN 4056