2006 NA's :: expectations

minneapolis, mn to oshkosh, wi
Fri Jan 27 2006

we arrived at the old hilton garden in oshkosh, right next to the oshkosh airport at around 10:30pm after a short 5.5hrs from minneapolis.. although minneapolis/stpaul/I94 at 5:00pm isn't much fun...

Expectations are still high as we haven't seen the ice yet.. also i always have expectations of doing good in the regatta and still have that high expectation.. that usually goes away after the first day

The roads where completely dry on the way here so that's a good sign.. always signs... there was one about the ice at checkin too.. more on that later

we heard there was some incident with miss Wisconsin, the stern steerer, some little deal about hitting some soft air filled ice... so the stern steerer regatta has been called off..

the parking lot is full of dn rigs.. so it looks like a good turn out..

::end of day::