Onsite at the Centrals

13:30 michigian time
Whitebirch Lodge

We tried to stop at Sunny's in Torch Lake for an omelette but they were closed till april... we had to settle for lunch at the fish stand in elk rapids.

Change in launch area. We are now launching out of the Whitebirch Lodge.

The ice looks great. If it's not a 'TEN' then I'm not sure what a ten is.

The ice hasn't been frozen very long and you can see straight through the ice to the bottom of the lake in up to 15' of water. Is kindof spooky at first. There is around 3" to 4" of ice. There are a couple of pressure ridges that might be a bit tricky to get across out to the main ice sheet.

On the minus, the clouds are moving in so we are hoping for no snow.. no snow..

I'll get a picture of the clear ice/bottom of the lake and post it later. Now it's off to the scrub races.

over and out
think ice