Post Friday sail report :: Centrals

Elk Lake, Mi

that was the scariest 'TEN' i've ever sailed.

Centrals ScoutingWe had to go across a couple of cracks on the scouting mission.. like always the guys from out of town are one of the first out sailing on the ice..

It is very new ice so there are some hazards and there isn't too much more ice then we need..

But only one guy got wet... but he brushed it off and was back out..

We had about 18 boats out and got in 6 or 8 races. The ice is very smooth and fast.. just watch out for the cracks.. and thin ice next to the cracks...

we only had 5 to 10mph of wind and we were ripping around the course.

The weather report tonight looks promising. so expectations are still high..

everyone agreed it was the best day out there.

also the ice is soo clear that you can look down and see the bottom.. very disturbing.. and cool