Notice of Regatta > The Great DN Western Challenge Regatta Dec 1, 2, & 3

I am pleased to announce the 2006 Great DN Western Challenge Regatta is ON. Starting Dec 1, 2006, the primary site is changed to Collins Landing, West Arm Dead Lake, Maine, Minnesota

The lake was sailed by 3 gold fleet sailors on Sunday Nov 26 who characterized the site and ice as "Sweet"

Given we're have four frozen lakes also under observation, that are potentially suitable and a now very favorable forecast (I don't know what that really means in the face of a major iceboat regatta) We're pretty darn sure it'll be Epic.

The event headquarters is the Fergus Falls MN Best Western Motel, 925 Western Avenue, Fergus Falls, Minnesota, 56537-4803, Phone: 218-739-2211 Fax: 218-736-2533
Toll Free Reservations: 800-293-2216

Amiable Innkeeper Tom Larson has some room availablilty and an Iceboat rate of $69.00 usd. Note, there are hockey tournaments all over this part of Minnesota this weekend and housing is an issue.

The next update will be Sunday 26 November at 7:00 pm local CST...

DN KA 1 is already in town, and will be representing Australia for the first time in competitive iceboat sailing.

It's gonna be so Epic ;)