End of the Season Storage

It's that sad time of the year when we put our iceboats away for the season. Here's a few of the things to check and do prior to storage:
1. I put a thin coat of 30wt. motor oil on all my runner blades.
2. I take the battens out of my sails and make sure I store them on a flat surface.
3. I check the mast, plank, and boom for any problems and fix them now!! rather then
waiting for first snow next fall.
4. I store my plank on a flat surface and put a spacer under the center of the crown
so it doesn't flatten out over the summer. One year I had a plank loose 1/4" of
crown over the summer.
5. I carefully check the hull for any problems such as side board cracks, deck
delaminations or exposed wood (exposed wood rots) and again I fix it now.
Properly maintained these boats can last for years and perform well, all it takes is a little time and effort.