Congratultions --JD!!!!! Winner of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Fire on Ice Regattta

Way to go JD!!!!

Lake Phalen, St. Paul, MN was the site for the First ever St. Paul Winter Carnival Fire on Ice Regattta.
What blast the First ever Oval track iceboating regatta was. For Those of you who couldn't make it out to spectate, or race you missed an incredible time. The Johnson Cup, JD,,  Marion

The Oval track provided for a whole new set of challenges to make it even more exciting. There were all types of winds for the event. From light air, to blowin and providing a great show for the audience.

There were even Dn's on a float w/ the Nascar guys in the St. Paul winter carnival parades, pony rides, warming tents, lots of media exposure. I personally think that all of this will help create an a lot more awareness and interst of our sport.

I'm hoping for more of these types of events in the future especially with winters like the one we have now with to much snow everwhere in the Midwest and beyond to go iceboating.

Now, I'm just hoping the track will still be there next weekend for some fun sailing.
Anyone want to come and give it a try???? I'm thinking about going on Saturday, would be fun if a few other kids would like to come and play.

A special thanks should go out to all of the folks who put this event together, I know they put a lot of hard work and time into this. Thanks from all of us!!!

DN 5050