Day 1 :: Gold Cup 2009

Torch Lake, Michigan

It was a spectacular day out on torch lake.
West wind about 10mph, sunny

There wasn't wide spread shell ice, and the little that was there wasn't really a problem. The ice has been amazing, Friday 3:00am 3-5" of crusty snow. Saturday 10:00am, all the snow had melted. Sunday 10:000am all the water had seeped through and hardly any shell ice..

The ice was hard and smooth, with some texture here and there, but no real hazards or rough spots.

I had my best day ice racing, with a 4,3,3 in the silver, (tied for 1st).

It's late now and I still want to upload some pictures and videos.. so that's all for now..

oh yea, and in the last gold race there was some spectacular accidents, fortunately nobody _seriously_ hurt, but there are a few people that are moving slowly and will be pretty stiff. Add to that the collisions in the first silver fleet and the first gold fleet and you have a pretty sad day, with five or six boats heavily damaged.