That's all the gear you need to be the 2009 DN World Champion. Matt Struble's fast little Ron Sherry (Composite Concepts) DN. I got to be a little like Matt and with my own quick little Ron Sherry boat, I just tried to be consistent (like Matt at last years worlds) and sail my best and now I get to take home the new (thank's to last year's silver fleet champ, Leon) Silver Fleet World Champion trophy! Yipee!..

JD helped me get my boat together, and made sure my runners where just so, I used the standard ron sherry 3/16" runners. (not even the newer cooler ones). I couldn't have been so fast without him.

I've got a JD plank (Struble Chocks) and a Composite Concepts Rocket Mast. (with a few inches cut off the top).

With the DN, there is a lot of adjustments, mast base, forestay length, sidestay length, plank positon..

I didn't make a single adjustment all regatta. I used the same sail, (Quantum/Boston/Fo1) and the 3/16 Ron Sherry runners. I had a set of standard Ron side stays, and I put all the adjustments at the middle settings (5 on all three turnbuckles). Mast in the second from back positon. plank in the second to front hole.

The DN class is a one-design, but it's more like on open 60 class, so that there can be quite a few different DN's. To help me out I decided I wanted to be able to look at the boats around me and figure out how to get mine going and in our region we have a lot of the Composite Concepts DN's.

Composite Concepts