NA's Day 1 of racing

Today the fleet got out on the ice early and in light winds got in 5 gold & 5 silver races. Yesterday racing was called off because of the ice conditions/wind speed..

There was a 1/4" of snow on firm ice. It looked bumpy. I say that because last night at around 3:30am the crud hit... I was sick.. I went out on the ice, but was really not feeling good setting up my boat.. I slept in the van, watching the course from the launch site. At around 3:30pm I could have either got my boat out there for the final gold fleet race, __or__ drive the van out to the course for a potential rescue mission.. the wind looked like it was fading as the sun went down.

The support vehicle and the racersWhen I got the van out to the race course, it turned out that my travel companions now had the crud too.. At the end of racing we loaded up the van with their race gear. Nobody can be sure, but we have some ideas where the crud originated from... Jorg B, Jorg's gf, Adam K, Geoff S, JD, Ken S. and me all got the crud.

I didn't see results, but I think us44, Ron Sherry, was kick'n ass, tak'n names..