What a great Friday!

Spring Park BayWe all had a great time on Spring Park Bay, Lake Minnetonka. There were about 20 some boats out for our scrub races. We had lighter breeze and very smooth ice with the flower petal, hoars frost on the surface of the lake. It was a nice sunny day, a bit warmer then you might have thought for all the talk of the cold weather, not a warm day, but it wasn't super cold.

The gang of four were out in front with the rest of us trying to catch up (JD, Ron, Mike R, Doctor). The course was really interesting as we had the marks about as far apart as we could get it, and you had to tack around the points of land and try to stay in the breeze.

I'm leaving right now to head to Lake City, Minnesota, (Lake Pepin). There is the same hoars frost on the lake pepin, so expectations are high.

Weather report is calling for light south winds... clouding up and getting warmer in the afternoon. Sounds pretty good.