Day 2 :: Half way there

We got in 3 gold and 3 silver today.... no wind till around 2:00pm. Right after the Thunder Bay Yacht Club came out to the pit area and delivered hot dogs to the fleet, the fleet did a 180 on the course and moved to the other end. The wind freshened up and the gold-silver-gold races were good. Plenty of pressure. About the time the second silver went down it was starting to lighten up. The third gold was at minimum wind and the top guy just got his lap in before the timelimit. The third silver for the day was light too.

All day it was super sunny, but the ice stayed hard. As the sun was getting low, it was reflecting off the ice like a torch.

DN2545 (Mike D) emptied out and fueled up his suburban, and did what nobody else in the fleet was even thinking of doing. Packed up his ride with the RC's gear and jumped the working, open crack.

Thunder Bay Yacht Club member Jeff, also showed up with the Quad wheeler this morning, all ready to go. So no trouble getting around the ice today for the RC.

Great job by the P.R.O. staying on top of the changing conditions and getting in the races.

tomorrow we'll try to get the rest of them in. We've been talking for a week about the wind on Friday, so hopefully we'll get 8 mph or more..