World Cup level Challenge

The ice was okay, the course length was good today. There was moderate to light winds throughout the day. The Tee runner body was just hitting the deeper drifts, but there was a little bit of snow over the entire lake, so all of the different runners made an appearance throughout the fleet.

I ran on my 30" Tee's.. the lightest runner I had, and the only ones in the fleet, and just after the start of the first gold race at around 3:40 or something.. the wind completely shut off and my boat wasn't going..

It was a good practice race, as even the leaders didn't make the time limit so the race was black flagged.

We started racing on the start day of the regatta... that's good.. and it took a huge effort for everyone to drive down at 4:00pm to Peru at 11:00pm (or 2:00am) and then registration at 8:00am (or until midnight), then to the ice at 9:00am and off to the races (after a very nice opening ceremony)

tomorrow we start early as the storm of the century is approaching and we have no gold fleet races yet.