Dang It!

Well that sucks.
Green Bay

We couldn't find a place to hold the 2011 North American Championship. We looked up at little bay de nac in northern green bay, we looked half-way down in cedar river... JD and Tommy walked (because it was blowing so hard) way out on the ice.. and fell down and hit their heads.. but we didn't find any sailable ice.

Green Bay
It was all covered in snow.. sometimes it looked promising with 1-2" of fluffy snow and then there would be more hard drifts that would stop a boat.

We are staying in the Menominee tonight and heading home early tomorrow.

I had a good Worlds and if I could have done better in the last race..

Here's a article from the reporter who hopped in the van to interview JD and had to deal with Meyer and Neil the dog..

More pictures in the gallery