Blocks, Mainsheets, Batten Adjusters, T-Hound Spreader Bars For Sale

Hello All-

Have a few things to sell. Get a head start on the spring season!

2) Harken Carbo Ratchamatic Ratchet Blocks 57mm
One with D-shackle, one Tie-Lite $65.00 each
2) Harken Tie-Lite Carbo Air Blocks 40mm $20.00 each
1) Harken Tie-Lite Carbo Air Block 29mm $15.00

DN Mainsheets
1) 6mm New England Salsa Dyneema (Spectra) Single Braid
With ¼” spun dacron braided through gripping area- pretty fat! $40.00
1) 8mm New England Salsa Dyneema(Spectra) Single Braid $40.00
1) 4mm FSE Robline Dyneema (Spectra) cored
Braided (“daisy-chained”) in gripping area $65.00
1) 3/8” vectran-core, polyester cover, 3/16” dinghy line braided
through gripping area $90.00

Batten Adjusters
Eliminate struggling to tie battens in place with these plastic
thumb-screw style batten adjusters. Simple and easy to install and use,
even with mittens on! Increase sail performance with easy, accurate
adjustment and increase sail life by releasing batten tension easily when
not in use. Hand-made in the USA! $16.00 each
Eliminate mast inversions with these stainless T-Hound / mast
rotator fittings. Available to fit both t-ball and tang style rigs. Best-looking
and most areodynamic fitting available. Built for DNs but also good for
Gambits and similar-sized boats. Price includes shipping and shackles. $200.00

Contact T. Thieler for pics and info-

James "T" Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840