Three Boats in One - Trimaran, Iceboat and Skiboat

Urban Boatbuilders is a youth development agency serving at-risk kids in the Twin Cities area. We build wood canoes and boats. We were given an unusual boat. We really don't know much about it. It is a trimaran, which we've had on the water a time or two. We were told that it can be converted to become an iceboat or a skiboat. To me it really looks like two boats that might share masts and sails. It is interesting and a bit of a puzzler. I'll try to attach a picture of it as a trimaran and a picture that shows some of its iceboatiness. We have a room full of other equipment for it.

We are having an Open House/Silent Auction on Sunday November 6th, at Dancers Studio, 415 Pascal Street N in St. Paul (near Snelling and University). The hours are 2-5 pm. You are welcome to attend. We'll have the trimaran-iceboat-skiboat and many other canoes, prams etc. in the silent auction (which ends at 4:30 pm.

We'd love to have someone who might know what we might have share your insight and make us less puzzled. Thanks.

Urban Boatbuilders

2009-06-25_IMG_6379_Trimaran Ice Boat.JPG1 MB
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