Posted the US Mail registrations for the NA

Here's the Registration list for the 2012 North Americans

We have 50 boats pre-registered!...

On another note about fifty...
The IDNIYRA is now racing in the Senior Division of Sailing Classes..

Fifty (50) Years of the IDNIYRA! (International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association)

From the IDNIYRA Yearbook...

The IDNIYRA was incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Michigan in 1962 for the following stated purpose.

"To promote, protect and perpetuate DN one-design iceboating, to advance the art and skill of the DN Ice Yacht construction and sailing as well as the future development of the DN Class Ice Yacht and the sport of ice yachting on all the hard waters of the world."

I was reading over at the Elk Lake Ice Boating site about Art Teutsch, a lifelong ice boater who had passed away in late November, 2011.

He was an officer in the class in the early seventies..

He wrote an article for the Runner Tracks, and in it, I believe he touched on why the class looks so good at 50.

While sailing in Europe, with a number of other Americans, this winter I made a fascinating discovery. The DN boat and organization is unique in the-world. How? Because nobody owns usl No organization or government tells us what we can. or cannot do with our DN. We have a world-wide organization that is run only by DN skippers. In these times of someone always telling you what you can and cannot do it makes me feel good to belong to an organization that is its own boss.

Companies and business models come and go.. builders will come and go... but the sailors love of the DN will endure, and that will sustain the class for another fifty years.