ABC National News UPDATE: On the Minnetonka Ice Sunday and Monday (22nd and 23rd)


I have just gotten off the phone with the producers at ABC News GMA Weekend Edition. They are looking at coming to Minnetonka on Sunday(22nd) and Monday(23rd). Sunday would be filming the racing and iceboats sailing around as well as few sound bites. Monday would be sailing with the correspondent which I will arrange on the side. If you are around and can sail on Monday, please feel free to come out.

Saturday we should get out on the ice as well. Let's do some races. I am volunteering my time to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the shoot tells are really great story.

As of now there are boats spread all over the lake with good clumps at Harry's and at the Northcoast Beach. I will confirm the site for Sunday with the producers as well the times.