Skeeter Runner Build to Order

I am gearing up for a runner build this summer & fall. The material will be 1/4" 440C. Side runners will be 40"x4-1/2", the front runner will be 32"x4-1/2". I plan on alligator style, but can also do a bull nose style. The edge will be 90 degree polished through 600 grit. The stiffeners will be 1/4" aluminum angle and I will be using HDPE for the DN style mounting bars. I expect the cost per set to be under $1500. Let me know if your interested in a set.

I also have a couple of sets of 440C insert blades as well as a set of Tool steel 1/4" insert blades. The bodies will be rock maple with Carbon faces. I plan to finish these off by fall as well. If your interested in finishing them off yourself, the blades are all edged and ready to go.