Friday - Good Ice and Good Breeze

I added an image gallery for the regatta.

On your mark

We had shifty wind blowing around 8 to 12 mph. The ice was really hard and fast.

It was really great to see all my friends from the all over the world. I'll bet the gang sailed two dozen races. I counted over 35 boats all lined up doing a scrub race! It's great to see this meeting of friends to enjoy what we love in an informal atmosphere.

Even though the temperature was in the lower double digits everybody was prepared for it and had a great time on the ice. I wasn't too fast and went back into the pits to realign my runners.

For the last race, I went off with the 44 and T-bone and had the best time chasing them around the course.

Make sure to mind the open water to the west of the launch site. Go East and North from the launch site.