DN North Americans...a little history.

Kent Baker, IDNIYRA Vice Commodore, wrote this intersting missive on the history of the DN North American Chanpionships…. Interesting reading as the NA’s celebrates it’s 60th birthday this year! Enjoy…

"Some of us have been fortunate enough to get some tiller-time in this season. The
Great Western Challenge was again a success, despite light air. And for the third
year in a row, the Central Lakes Regional Championships were held between Christmas
and New Year’s.

In retrospect, there was something special about our venue for the Centrals in Anchor
Bay. Located in the North-West corner of Lake St. Clair, we were unintentionally (and
most of us unknowingly) sailing on hallowed DN Grounds. This was the place where the
first DN’s gathered in February of 1953 fora regatta. Following that regatta, Bill Sarns
and Clifford Cartright began drafting up the constitution that led to the first DN regatta in
February, 1954.

Fortunately there are a few things of permanence. The original regatta hosting club,
North Star Sail Club became our Saturday night social spot this year (coincidentally) thanks to
Jon Russel (US 5527) who is a member there. Chip Cartright(US 118) – grandson of Clifford
Cartright, participated in his first regatta in years. The Sarns and Boston names and gear
are still prominent on competitive boats today.

Our class is changing. The times can be challenging, but the boats are better than
ever. We are anxiously looking for young blood, but we enjoy seeing our old friends at each
regatta. After 60 years, one thing is clear: We are amongst the few sailors in the world who
are lucky enough to partake in one of the most incredible regatta experiences ever.

•Thrilling chases and dog fights.
•Camaraderie and Competition
•The fastest speeds and large fleets
•New friends and old pals
•Travel locations at times of the season where no sane person would ever go.

If any of those things don’t appeal to you, you are probably at home reading this on your
couch. And we are sorry you couldn’t join us. For the rest of you: Welcome, Sail Fast,
Be Safe, and have a great regatta!"

It is still not too late to Resister for the 2014 North American Championships. Sign up and
help celebrate 60 years of DN racing by being a part of it!! Dates
are January 19-25, 2014…. Sign up at: https://ice.idniyra.org/racing/registration/2014/North_American_DN_Champ...