Iceboating continues into the summer! - new C Skeeter

Frames are all cut out !!
Well, now it's time to move on to the summertime part of iceboating. Here's a picture of the frames all cut out for my new C Skeeter. It should be a fun project. Like all new boats, it'll probably be the slowest thing on the planet earth until it gets dialed in, or it might just be the slowest piece of junk forever. Let's hope for the best. The frames are 1/4" Baltic birch. I tried a new way to lay them out. I printed the frames full size onto E-size paper, then used low tack spray adhesive to glue the paper to the plywood temporarily, then cut them out on the scroll saw. The plans then peeled off like a post-it note, and just a little clean up with mineral spirits. When done, the boat will be 20' long hull, 23'-6" with springboard, 16' plank, 20' mast. Hull, mast and plank will be mostly basswood and carbon and glass. I will try to post a picture every few weeks. Full size frame patterns are available if you are interested.