FOR SALE: DN Planks - new

FOR SALE: DN Planks - new

Strip built, Laminated Ash / Spruce / Ash

My DN planks are made from Michigan White Ash skins, native to our area, over a white wood core (Spruce
or Pine). I use a strip construction because it creates repeatability of process and reduces the chance of
plank twist as the wood ages. This adds time and materials to the building process, but I feel it’s well worth
it versus the single-piece skins and core method. And I’ve never had a report of one of my planks twisting or failing yet.

The planks are constructed with West System epoxy and the areas between the chocks and the hull
receive a round over aerodynamic profile. I can usually get a plank to within 1/8" of your target deflection,
based on your weight and the kind of mast you are sailing. Planks are built to near-max length, and I tune
using plank thickness and also with the width (between 6 1/2" and 7").

Planks start at $325

Options available for full glass cloth wraps, West 207 Special Coating (UV Resistant), tinted finishes (grey, white, black), and Spar Urethane.

Can be shipped. They are just under max length, so UPS will accept them. Photos available on request. Will trade for other DN equipment.

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