Swap Meet: Thanks Tim/Sailcrafters!

I wanted to give a shout out to our friend Tim Carlson of Sailcrafters for hosting our local swap meet last Saturday. Tim generously opened his loft and served coffee and donuts so the rest of us could turn our thoughts to iceboating. Thanks Tim! Much apprecaited!

No matter what class of boat you sail or race, on both soft and hard water, please do not hesitate to contact Tim for your loft and rigging needs.
Tim Carlson: Phone: 952-693-6089 Email: Tim@Sailcrafters.com
Web site: www.sailcrafters.com

We had a pretty good turn out and some sweet equipment changed hands. As always, the early birds scored big. Some of the first items sold include a Sherry Carbon mast, a set of chocks and a beautiful red Nite.

Think Ice!