2014 DN Western Regional Regatta

Minnesota has been blessed with its earliest ice in years. At least 10 DN's have sailed this weekend at both Lake Christina and a small pond, Swede Lake. Both were sailable ice and thick enough. Lake Buffalo is frozen, unsailed and now has an inch of blown crusty snow from last night. A few other lakes will freeze this week with cold weather predicted. Heavy winds are forecast across MN for next two days as well.
I have consulted with a number of DN racers about calling on the 2014 Western Regional for this next weekend, Nov 22-23.
The decision I have made based on many factors is to continue to hold for the Dec 13-14 dates. With the early winter setting in, many lakes in our region have reasonable potential to be venues for the Westerns. Continue to report ice conditions on the DN Forum, iceboating.net and iceboat.org.

Mike Miller
Western Region Rear Commodore