Commodore Miller: Thank You!

Like everyone else who attended the 2014 Western Region Championship Regatta, I am still riding the adrenaline rush that only comes after racing on perfect ice with a strong breeze. Thus, this is a perfect time to take a moment and thank our fearless leader, Commodore Mike Miller, for everything he did to make sure the regatta took place.

Commodore Miller spent countless days/hours dealing with the dozens of logistical issues that surround every regatta. He made sure we had a race committee, a protest committee, scorers, hotel accommodations and a Sunday night dinner. More importantly, Commodore Miller spent the weeks before the event scouting ice and working the phones to ensure we had a safe, regatta quality sheet of ice.

So, while I join everyone who made it a point to recognize and thank the dozens of volunteers who made this event such a huge success, I wanted to thank the guy at the top for putting it all together. It was a great regatta. Thank you Commodore Miller, you deserve high praise.

Think Ice…and see you at the Gold Cup!