ISA for January 29-31 is snowed out. Call goes out for more (new) ice checkers

The ISA committee thought they had this one nailed with two lakes with awesome black ice a thousand miles apart. Both got snow, and the regatta is postponed.

It may take a few weeks for Green Lake (WI) or Geneva to ice up, or for a Zamboni to clean up Madison or Pewaukee.

However, the committee did note a lack of input from lakes outside the normal set. If you know of sailable ice, please post it right here. Ice reports are best when they describe the lake by name and state, thickness, the surface (smooth, flat, cracked, snow covered) and launch location. Drive bys don't really count. Need cleats on the ice. Of course, don't scout alone.

Of note, anyone with information on the Lake Pepin/Maiden Rock/Lake City area or anything in Iowa are asked to submit. There's also a report that Lake Calhoun has some DNs and a Nite sailing. There's a hunch this past week's snow missed a few areas.