Jorge Bohn G-737 Final Post as European Commodore

If you ask anyone on the iceboat circuit to name one person who singlehandedly has had a profound impact on our sport the unanimous answer would be Jorge Bohn (G-737). Unfortunately for the fleet, Jorge recently announced his retirement as European Commodore.

Jorge frequently travels to Minnesota to sail the Great Western Challenge. He is a true ambassador of our sport and the Minnesota sailors owe him a debt of gratitude for his service and leadership. What follows is his final post found on the IDNIYRA-Europe website.


after several years on duty as Commodore I felt it was time for a Change and some new ideas and perspectives for the class. With April 24th last month my term as Commodore ended regulary. At the same time the term of our treasurer Christian Seegers ended. It was pure pleasure working with Christian and all others who remain active for the time being in the Board. My job was easy compared to those who to the officework, doing accounting, being 24 h in the Web, running Junior regattas and checking insurance papers. And all of them consult the Commodore too. Appreciate what you did. Same applies to all Nat. Secretaries, all ice Scouts, the PRC and all who where involved in decision making.

Attila Pataki/Hungary, former Vice Commodore was elected as new Commodore. Maciej Brosz is the new Vice Commodore. Jurek Henke/Poland is the new treasurer. Congratulation to all of them. They all more than qualified and very experienced too to continue their posts. It is also good to see the average age of the board decrasing by a lot. People with new ideas and other perspectives are important to develop our DN-Class into the next decades.

DN Sailing is a fantastic Sport and always crossed borders from Minnesota/USA to Vladivostok/Russia and even China. We all share the same Passion, travel more than we sail and often spend more time in the work shop than on the ice as well.

Always remember the racing part is only half of the fun. The other half is about meeting people, real characters! People of all age (some way above 80 and still racing at top level) and currently 20 active countries. Some travel a week from Sibiria and a week back to Sibira by car. Others check in their boats each year and fly across the Atlantic to sail.

Thanks to all of you and for having had some of the best moments in my life on and beside the ice. Special thanks to my wife Ulrike for the very long leash!

See you all again, as one of you, in just a couple of month in Novosibirsk, Finland near the arctic circle and/or Minnesota!

It’s gonna be another great season.

Get in shape guys and your euipment too!

Love you all! JoerG-737 Ex-Commodore IDNIYRA Europe e.V.