Join the Club. Pay your dues. Think Ice

Time to pony up! If you sail a DN you need to join the IDNIYRA. It's only 26 bucks and it is worth every penny.
To join or renew your membership go to:

Let me list just a few reasons to join: If you like to scrub race, chances are the buoys are provided by a member of the the IDNIYRA. Looking for used parts online, the web site is probably supported by members of the IDNIYRA. Likewise, all that free advice you find online, yep, it was probably posted by a member of the IDNIYRA. And, then, don't forget, all those big regatta's are hosted and organized by the IDNIYRA. They also supply the race committees, scorers, ATV's and all the equipment to run the regattas. Finally, once you join, you will instantly have friends from all over the world!

Think Ice!