Elk Lake was sailed Wed March 10 by Dick Wollam and Bob Gray in DNs, and Skip Stauber in a C Skeeter. They launched at a spacious and fully equipped DNR public ramp at the southwest end where it's 1.25 miles across the lake to Lake Skegmog. They sailed for hours and went all the way north to the White Birch Lodge.

They're going back Thursday to see what happens after the weather system goes through Wednesday night to re-evaluate. Pesky snow forecast. Sun could burn it off in a day.
There's also ice at north Torch Lake and north Lake Leelanau. Which lake? Better ice? Better launching? Best place to throw a party?
Decisions, decisions decisions. Dr. Don the commodore is getting lots of input.
You see, they're still driving trucks and iceboating on lakes less convenient to the Grand Traverse Ice Yacht Club party machine.
Dick and Julie are in the kitchen chopping onions for the chili.
Is your laundry done? Is your boat ready to go?
Have you called the White Birch Lodge yet at (231) 264-8271.

Stand by. Final call will be announced Thursday March 11 early evening. Check the IDNIYRA bulletin board, GTIYC hot line 231-922-3836, or this web site for updates.