Wawasee Lake, Indiana: Winter 2003-04

An Historical Remembrance of the Past Season's Sailing:

December 2003:
Waiting on Ice... Syracuse Lake has frozen over a couple of times, very thin ice, not over an inch or so. Christmas came and went with boat sitting on front porch, runners cleaned and ready.

January 10, 2004
Took a trip to sail on Sand Lake, MI. Watched the Toledo Group race and sailed their course between races. Sailed at home Sunday on Syracuse Lake for approx. three hours. Ice was maybe an 8 or 9... Oh what fun!

January 21, 2004
Windy conditions, very gusty, potentially very fast (dangerous?) sailing. Snow drifts covering the whole lake makes for a rough, thrilling ride. DN kept trying to throw me out. Learned a lot about riding a hike. Only two other boats on the ice late this afternoon.

February 6, 2004
Deep snow continues to cover the lake, with rain/sleet/snow icing on the top. Looking for other sailing venues. Suggestions welcome.

February 12, 2004
Snow is disappearing, more on Syracuse Lake than Wawasee. Going to try sailing Syracuse Lake on Friday, but winds are expected to be 25mph+ with patches of crusty snow.

February 18, 2004
More ice shows through every day, but warm temps and rain are coming. This could greatly improve conditions, or really mess things up by opening up cracks and holes.

February 20, 2004
Rain in the forecast, snow is shrinking. Hopefully the ice will survive the warm temps.

February 23, 2004
Checked Ice Saturday on Wawasee and Syracuse, too soft, too slushy and rough from snowmobiles, etc. Tried sailing Sunday, pushed boat about 10 miles. Wind about 3 mph, rough firm-ish ice too bad, kept dragging DN to a stop.

February 26, 2004
Sailed Syracuse Lake the past 3 evenings. OK Monday, Great Tuesday, Light Wind Wednesday. Ice setting up good overnight, missed sailing 13mph wind this A.M., but I have to work 7:30-5:00, High Temp 40`F today.

February 28/29, 2004
Pushed boat around Wawasee Saturday, managed to catch a few puffs before pulling boat off at noon-thirty for appt w/ daughters. Set up on Syracuse Sunday am, wind came up for good sailing until noon trip to Kendallville. Sailed again in evening w/ daughter #1.

March 2, 2004
Sailed Syracuse Lake last night, ~25 mph wind with rough, pitted ice. Ice gone at train bridge area out about 20 yards (more now). Took daughter #2 along with sail sheeted way out to keep speed down. Took boat off "ice" at 5:30 pm, got feet damp. 60 degrees! Ugh!

March 8, 2004
Ice left last week with 60*F high temps and 40 mph winds throwing ice up onto Wawasee's east shore, rumored to be 4 ft high. I may head for the Traverse City Fun Regatta if held on March 13/14 after postponed from this past weekend. Watching ice updates...

March 16, 2004
Several iceboaters traveled to Torch Lake this past Friday and Saturday. Winds 20+mph were blowing snow into a near-whiteout on Friday which made sailing exciting, especially while riding in Nite 341. Beautiful blue boat, very fast, very smooth ride. Approx. six boats sailed Friday, fifteen or more showed up on Saturday despite cancelled GTIYC Fun Regatta. Several sailors arrived before 9:00 am Saturday to set up in -1*F temperatures. Wind had blown most of the loose snow off of the ice with much increased visibility for fun (bumpy) sailing which included a few practice races on a course set up just south of the launch site. Chili provided by GTIYC was the best ever. Lots of really great people having a good time...