Where is the NA's this weekend going to be?

Anybody care to speculate? It should still be best possible ice in the western region.

So back to Winnebago, or maybe Mendota, or some fresh ice up in greenbay.

I'm wondering about our local lakes like Pepin, Waconia or Millacs.

It's tough to find a good lake that doesn't have too many ice houses.

calling all local ice checkers... report in...

If the guys who sail out of that bar in pepin,wi, what is it called.. Pickled Parrot could go for a rip and post the conditions it would great.

think ice

Ice Cond.

I was in the Spirit Lake-Okoboji IA. area today. The Ice had some snow-less than an inch, very small drifts but looked very rough, The melting last week didn't keep it very smooth. The shorelines were very rough and bumpy, and it didn't look much better towards the middle of the lakes. I don't know that it would be worth the three hour drive from Mpls. to go sailing there for a regatta.
Gone Sailing,
DN 5050

DN 5050

lake pepin, lake city webcam

Overlooking the marina at lake city, mn

note, as ususal, light snow now covers the lake. I suspect given the recent warm temps blablabla that the ice may warrant inspection for suitability.


What about central locations?

Detroit, Toledo, Sandusky, Traverse City, ...?

More on Mendota (Madison, WI) later today.

We should have more info. on Mendota later today. If it looks good to the folks walking out this afternoon I'm hoping to sail tomorrow morning.


Geoff S.

Official Update at tonight 2/8 at 9:00pm

copied from IDNIYRA BBS

Posted by: John Davenport US-4961 on February 07, 2005 at 22:37:24:

Around and around and around we go, where we stop, nobody knows. No, actually, we are watching and sailing a number of venues, but as usual, we need to see what happens with the system moving through right now. The great “Global Warming” Zamboni is ripping through for the 3rd time this winter and leaving vast stretches of clean ice in it’s path. It will be through WI tonight and MI tomorrow… Just because we know you need to know to plan your trips, we are looking at Winnebago, Mendota, Crystal (and other lakes near Traverse City) and Champlain. Please stand-by, there will be another posting on Tuesday (2-8-05) by 9:00pm. Please remember the hotline is the “Official” source of information, but I will make all efforts to update the Bulletin Board. See you on the ice!

John Davenport US-4961

Official Hotline 414-299-9305

Back to Torch Lake..

cut and pasted from IDNIYRA BBS

Posted by: John Davenport US-4961 on February 08, 2005 at 21:26:35:

After and extensive day of ice scouting we are please to report that we have two great venues for the 2005 NA’s and alternates sites available. Considering ice, size and forecast, the 2 most promising venues are Elk Lake, MI and Tawas Bay, MI. Both are large with good surface and access. They both will be sailed again on Wednesday for final evaluation. Regatta HQ, launch directions and ice info will be posted tomorrow evening on the hotline, 414-299-9305 and on this web page. Please remember that the hotline is the Official source of regatta information.