Looking for photos, interviewees.

I'm an outdoors writer working on a story about ice boating -- its challenges, frustrations but also its thrills. I'm also desperately in need of photos for the story. Anyone interested in chatting, please contact me. Further, can a site editor let me know if it's OK to use the photos posted on this site? Please contact me. Thanks much!

Megan Parker
Outdoors Editor
The Country Today
Eau Claire, WI

(800) 236-4004, ext. 3867

it's okay by me


I'm the site admin and I don't see any problem with you using the photos on the site.

If anybody who posted some pics on the site has a problem, please speak up now.

You will probably want photos that you can use in print and I don't think the ones on this site will be of a quality that you can use..

good luck. and let us know when you write your article.