Mtka sailable?

After last week's melt & refreeze, are any parts of Minnetonka decent?

Mtka ice

Some kiters on Tuesday said it wasn't too bad. It's supposed to be warm at the end of the week along with the dusting of snow could help smooth things out. Still probably too rough for serious racing, but good enought to cruise around.

Will F

minnetonka ice

Areas with traffic are still too rough. Lafeyette Bay looked smooth enough to sail on but I didn't look at it very close. Maybe Lake Calhoun?

JD US4691

JD US4691

calhoun iceSailed Fri.2/11

Sailed Fri. 2/11, sailable but pretty rough with thousands of footprintsleft from Loppet crowd.

upper lake

Abes sailed his Nite on Monday 'cause his brother from California was in town. They had to quit right away -- far too rough.