live web cam.. from the NA's

Elk Lake, Mi

new web cam technology going...

this time it's an actual web cam.. with 3sec updates..

Back to the old cam...

the web cam didn't work w/o filters.. so we are going back to the old way.


cam going from the lodge

the lodge has an internet connection so we have the came going and we'll point it toward the lake tomorrow.

Auto Refresh?

Last webcam auto-refreshed. This one doesn't seem to. Can you fix it?
Enjoying the limited scenery anyway. Have fun this weekend!
Scott C

works in mozilla

I think it might only work with netscape browsers.

try and download the firefox browser.

I'll look into different web cam things too..

blurry cam...

it's a crappy usb web cam going through 2 pairs of sunglasses and then the compression is way up on the jpg.

this just in.. 4974 just went by.. the first on the ice today.


Hi, you're on ELk Lake not To

Hi, you're on ELk Lake not Torch Lake

that's right...

i wasn't thinking straight... of course it's elk lake..