Appreciation extended...

Thanks to 5214 for posting a report re the regatta. Wanted to come up to watch (the worst kinda way) but personal circumstances wouldn't permit (no, not the wife!!!).
So really appreciated the photos and learning of the White Birch Lodge. Checked out their web site too.
Have an old (OLD!!!) DN that this site has inspired me to recondition. Know it can't be competive...just for fun!!
Best regards to all the racers and hope all get back home safely. Gene...Cincinnati, Oh.


It's great to see that so many people love iceboating.. and that the site helps connect iceboaters and gets everyone excited to go out iceboating.. iceboating has to be some of the best sailing..

and here's a link to the iceboating haven known as... the white birch lodge

they really treat you nice there.. late iceboater friendly checkouts for example..