Question born of ignorance...

Am wondering why there are no cables from bow to far ends of runner board ends? (for strength; not for adjusting but guess could be used for fine truing).
Could it be for safety in case of hitting an ice does one want the runner board to detach?
Gene; Cincinnati, Oh


I wondered the same thing for years, and finally added steel cables 1/8" from the front runner to the rear runners this season. I do a lot of rough ice, hiking, and general crash banging. The boat has a more solid feel and there's less wear where the rear beam wanted to twist off the body. Had one incident where I think I would have done some damage without the new supports. Other than occasionally tripping over the cables, I'm also ignorant of any downside. Rolley; Iowa City

whisker stays

If the whisker stays help you stay together, that's fine.

A suggestion: through time and weather, the wood area surrounding the bolts that go through the plank breaks down and enlarges. The more room, the more the bolts beat up the wood. To fix, remove the bolts, enlarge the holes to about 3/4", put tape over the bottom of the holes, then fill the holes with West "stuff", half at a time. (too much at once and it won't cure correctly). Then re-drill through the hardened epoxy and you'll have a tight fit.