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Aluminum boom

Dwyer Aluminum has a section that works perfectly. A DM 275 I believe.
It takes a little work with a mill machine to rig it but worth the time.

I'm sure that I still have the info on ordering. Probably need to order a few but there seems to be plenty of people that could use an upgrade. Won't name names.


Aluminum Boom


What are you talking about,,, I like my 30 year old wood boom. It has character.


i'll check into prices

I'm in. you want me to check on pricing? who is this Dwyer Aluminum ?


Aluminum boom

The company is Dwyer Aluminum Mast Company. They are on the net and the section is a DM 275. $12.80 per foot or $115.20 per 9 foot section plus shipping. Numbers help minimize the shipping cost.

I have the one that I made, you are welcome to look at it.

JD US4691

Two years ago I made a real n

Two years ago I made a real nice DN boom from a Hobie 16 Boom. It did not take much to make it work and modifications were done with a router in my basement. Actually a lot of boats use the Dwyer Damco blank you mention and it maybe worth calling a boatyard that sells or specializes in sailboats. I got my from the junk pile at a Hobie dealer in New England for under 20 bucks. I even slotted the boom for an internal sheet line. Best of luck in your search

New England boatyard?

I live in New England. Can you give me some more detail? 860 275-5713. I'm trying to build a DN for a decent price. Great suggestion.

I would call around to any ya

I would call around to any yard that is a sailboat dealer in your area and ask if they have any bent spars laying around. You can check the Hobie website for a list of hobie dealers if you want to try and get one of their 16 booms. If you are ever down on the Cape stop in at Cape Water Sports on 28 in Harwich and ask if they have any old spars laying around that can be converted.