Minnesota Fall Iceboat Swap Meet

The idea was hatched last night to hold a Twin Cities Iceboat Swap Meet sometime this coming fall, probably in October. Keep an eye on this site for an announcement.

Dave's Machining Is there a

Dave's Machining
Is there a date set yet for your swap meet?? If it does not conflict with the Williams Bay swap meet I might like to attend. We make DN and other parts customized or to Sarn's specs. Let me know ASAP. 3yeadons@charter.net

Dave's Machining

Sounds Good

It would also be great if some of you folks who have built a DN could show up with your boat or project and offer some advice to those of us who are planning on building a boat. It would be a great learning opportunity!

What about a "jamboree"?

The folks "out east" have a very sucessful "Iceboat Jamboree" every other year. I haven't been out there for it, but I gather it's sort of like an expanded swap-meet with a series of talks/demos about various aspects of iceboating. We might consider alternating between the Twin-Cities and South-Central Wisconsin areas.


Geoff S.

DN building

Will do.

Sounds like a great idea to m

Sounds like a great idea to me. There seems to be a lot of iceboaters around with stuff they could pass down to other new boaters.

Great idea!

I'd probably drive up from Madison for it.
Please try and keep it at least a week away from the Lake Geneva swap meet (usually the last weekend in October).


Geoff S.

We absolutely will not overla

We absolutely will not overlap with the Sailing Specialists tradition. In fact, we want to support Jane/Bob. We know there's a bunch of closet iceboaters up here, and if we can move some idle parts into the hands of those that need them, well, Martha would call it "a good thing."