Hull assembly line...

The sailing season is done (at least on the hardwater), so that means the building season is started!

We're planning to build a number of new DNs this summer in the Nordhaus "Boatwerks" (five at last count). Another Madison sailor is building a boat in his own shop, too.

If anyone has suggestions about things to do/avoid doing let us know.

The two hulls "in progress" right now are planned along the lines of the IDNIYRA plans (with some Goodwin thrown in): max. LOA, with max. length cockpits, and max. width. Slightly wider than Goodwin at the forward end of the cockpit (ca. 12" inside the sideboards - I have big feet!). We'll apply uni-glass across the entire inside of the sideboard from the seat to the first knee, and put a glass or plywood "continous knee" between the cockpit floor and the sideboard from the seat to the knee.

The one set of sideboards is planned to thickness (just over 5/8"), and another will likely get done tonite. The sideboard profiles are still a bit up in the air; we're planning to loft the IDNIRYA widths on one set of boards and decide if we want to bump the bottom up slightly (a' la Goodwin) to get a slightly higher mast-step w/o requiring an extra-long steering tube.

I should have some photos to post shortly.


Geoff S.