Building the GX-1, a new design C-Skeeter for the 21st Century

Have you ever thought of building an ice boat from scratch, including the design? Well here it is, three years in the making and finally on the work bench. What started out to be a light weight one seat Nite, evolved into a new design, ultra light, C-Skeeter. Many thanks go out to Bob Gray for his countless hours of designing and meticulous planning, and to Skip Stauber and Jack Jacobs for there knowledge and input.

Hopefully everything will go as planned and the as yet un-named GX-1 will have its maiden voyage at the North Westerns in early December, or locally if we have early ice in the Traverse City (MI) area.

We would like to have at least four GX’s in the GTIYC fleet by the 2007 sailing season, which needless to say is dependent on the outcome of my #1 boat.

Visit the following link on the gtiyc web site for a complete pictoral documentation of the construction process at:

new web address

I have re-organized all the pages and folders on the gtiyc web site and the GX-1 report is now located at:

Keep'em Sharp
Corey Hughes, Nite 341

Keep'em Sharp
Corey Hughes
Traverse City, MI



looking for the pics of the mast build you did on the GX. Or all your pics the link does not show the the pics only the writing.
we have very close in design boats to your GX.
Our boats are based on the s-300 seacat class 3 iceyachts.
We built ours to c-class us standard.
we now have 2 here in NE. very quick to make and cheap. our 2nd season now.

Vice comm NEIYA
Brian Langley