Boat/gear has good track record and is ready to race! Overall good shape. Currently in Rhode Island.

HULL- 2000 Composite Solutions Inc. (Jeff Kent's company in Hingham, MA) Hull material is glass over balsa. VERY STIFF. Composite Concepts (Ron Sherry) tiller. Harken 11+2 Hexaratchet. Plank attaches to carbon plate on bottom. Thru-hull mast step/bobstay.

PLANK- also 2000 CSI glass over wood. Stiff (bends about 1.5" with 190 lbs), airfoil cross section, Jablonski chocks.

Hull and plank together:

HULL COVER- marine duck, chafe patches, fits hull above

MAST- 2004 CSI "4.5"- medium stiffness. Glass and carbon. Very fast, very reliable. Painted black. Includes CSI mast base and thrust bearing.

SHROUDS- Minimum diameter dyform wire. Headstay is 144", not including Sta-master. Sidestays are 140" fully extended. 4.5" of adjustment on sidestays. Eyes with thimbles at all top ends.

CUSTOM HOUND FITTING/MAST ROTATOR- T-ball style, very clean aerodynamically. Includes D-shackles. Two available.

Mast, shrouds, and hound/rotator together:

CSI MAST BASE- Machined aluminium, does not include thrust bearing. Used.

PLATE RUNNERS- Sarns bullnose plates, black powder-coat finish. Includes bag.

T-RUNNERS- Min width "T" runners, full length side runners, slightly shorter steering runner, sharpened to 100 degrees. Wood bodies, carbon skins.

SAIL- 2002 1D Speed sail. Replaced window 2003. Battens not included.

Thanks for the interest- Please call (401-258-6230) or email (t_thieler@yahoo.com) for photos and additional details.

Think Ice!

Jim "T" Thieler
US 5224