Everything for sale....from our southeast MI shop...moving!

I am going to be selling a J14 complete a J14 hull, Snowbird III (stern steerer)
Both Dan Clapp skeeters (Magic and Merlin)
1 Arrow and 1 Arrow Jet.
I will be posting pictures of these over the next several days at
Kelly and I have decided to move up to Elk full time and don't have the storage space for everything we have.
We also have for sale all the machinery we used to make all the boat and car parts we have made over the years.
We have a full shop up north so we don't need the duplicate machinery in southeast Michigan.
Keep your eyes on the website for these items coming up for sale. If you have any questions beforehand give us a call at the shop 586-296-3334
(We also have dozens of custom, muscle and exotic cars along with custom choppers and motorcycles)
Jack Jacobs

some pics now posted

Pictures of the 2 Dan Clapp skeeters and a C skeeter built by me are now on the website.
Click on the "photo" link on the left side and look in the folder labeled "for sale"
Jack Jacobs