Nite for sale

15 October 2005
Beautiful Nite two seat ice boat, hull number 341. Very nice condition, Bikini Blue color, with all of the following package items:
♦ Hull number 341.
♦ Sail # 341, re-tuned by Doyal Sails in 2004.
♦ Custom cockpit cover support.
♦ Original two place plank with chocks.
♦ Custom 150 lb/in laminated Ash and Basswood strip plank for solo sailing
♦ Updated track block system.
♦ Custom “Nite Time” Graphics.
♦ Standard Sarns runners in excellent condition.
♦ 3 sheet ropes.
♦ Full set of covers for sail, hull, mast, plank and springboard.
♦ Front runner ice guard.
♦ New, unused Harken Hull cover.
♦ Custom set (3) horses routed Nite 341
♦ Custom galvanized trailer holds two planks, hull and mast. Hull slides on front chock track and is easily loaded and unloaded by one person. Loaded trailer can be walked onto the ice by one person.
Price $6600. Will be on display at the Williams Bay swap meet on November 12. Can also be delivered along the Ohio and PA Turnpikes as far East as Harrisburg, PA., in November.
Call Corey Hughes at 231-941-4988 or e-mail

Full set of photograps at

new pictures added

I have added additional current photographs of the boat and trailer setup.

NOTE: The Williams Bay swap meet is October 30, not Nov 12 as listed above.


Keep'em Sharp
Corey Hughes
Traverse City, MI