Pepin Looks Good!

Minnesota club sailing scheduled for Saturday Jan 14th.
Start time 11am, 7 races scheduled.
One mile courses, longer if you like.

Launching at the ramp in downtown Lake City. The same ramp as last years Western Regional Regatta.
If anyone remembers the name of that ramp please post.

The Ice is a 8 on a ten scale and looked very fast. We checked it last night on the way home from Wisconsin.
More info call 612 840 9855 events

Pepin Sunday?

Still on? The wind looks even better for Sunday. Anyone going Sunday?


Sunday was great

Three of us, jd, markum, and myself went out on sunday. We did some tune-up racing (with jd's help on the tune-up.. which was great).. then we got into cruising mode and sailed over to pepin. Which must be at least 5-6miles across the lake. Upwind to pepin, long downwind run home. At pepin (as has been posted previously) there where 3 stern steerers (2 out sailing..) a skeeter, and a handful of cruising dns, and a super dn (dn w/ front steerer plank). The Pickle Factory bar is great with a nice view of the launch area. They seem to have it pretty nice over at pepin.

It was a really, really great day. The ice was bumpier (but okay) farther south near pepin, and smoother near the lake city side. There is open water around the point at lake city and there was reported open water along the south west side, but we didn't see that. There is one pressure crack that is forming about 1/4 way to pepin. oh, yea and one local kite sailor who after seeing the gang out on saturday decided the ice was safe-enough and came out on sunday..

report over and out

Sounds like fun - the wind looked great

Paul and I had a great time Saturday. My runner repair held up on one side only so it's back to the shop....

Sunday I was swamped at home but did manage a quick skate on lake Harriet - four DN's were out having a good time along with and a couple of ice surfers and kitesurfers. The ice was pretty bumpy still; Pepin was much better in that department!