2006 NA :: day 1

9:30am skippers meeting..
delay till noon while the ice checkers go down to the usual wayside launch, and another group is going to the north end of the lake (fireroad 8)
to check for access for trailers and ice conditions.

the flags are flying pretty good... and it's not raining.. so it looks like a nice day for boating.. providing the ice checks out..

oshkosh fire deptwe had a front row seat to the action in the parking lot this morning. A van from one of the competitors sprung a leak in the gas tank.. so whole oshkosh fire department and hazmat team showed up. then they towed the car away.
gas leak

lots of good fishing shows on tv this morning..

12:00pm hotel lobby
racing canceled for the day.
regroup at 6:00PM
all ice checkers check-in.. we've got quite a bit of water on the ice.
wayside is closed due to no access..
fireroad 8 has good access but inches of standng water..
all ice checkers checkin..
looking at all posiblities

stoningjd's been busy with his runner collection.

4:00pm Annual Meeting
It's official, I've been nominated for the class secretary. So i'm in the inner circle now.. There is basically four of us running the association, it should be a very eye-opening experience.. The main duty is the year book, but i'll probably help out with some web work as well.

6:00pm End of Annual meeting.. we will have another skippers meeting at 9:00am tomorrow. Winnebago doesn't look good. too many holes, too much water, and it's been raining/snowing all night. We have a team dispatched to Pepin tomorrow morning and we might move up there.

we didn't do much today, but it still took all day.. haha..

day one.. over and out...




I thought JD didn't hone his runners?!? ;-)


Geoff S.


The trick is the secret honing oil...

I hear he uses buffalo jiz, don't know how he get's the stuff.


the secrets out...

he likes to think you don't need to stone them, but he uses everything he can..