DN North American Championships move to Lake Pepin!

9:00am hotel lobby, Oshkosh,

skippers meeting
rerolling.. we are moving to PEPIN!
launch area
town of pepin, wi

7:00pm to 9:00pm
Super 8 Motel
Redwing, MN

racing tomorrow in pepin

we are packing up..

Think Ice!

first day results..

we got in some great racing today!

the ice was pretty weird.. sort of hard in places, and squishy and slushy.. very tough going... after the qualifier the wind settled into blowing up channel.. about 7-12kts.. more in some puffs..

most of the gang was on skinny inserts but plates and snow runners were also used.

the gang at the pickle factory bar in pepin opened up on monday and tuesday for especially for us.. and the lake pepin ice boat crew were very helpful.

we got in 3 races for the gold and 3 races for the silver..

short list gold fleet standings after day 1
1st ron sherry
2nd JD
3rd Matt Strubel

it's pretty close so it should be an interesting day tomorrow..

we had 50 boats in the gold, and 35?? in the silver fleet.

more ran/sleet/snow tonight to make it even weirder out there tomorrow...

once again i'm not doing so hot..
35th,36th, and then probably a high 20's in the last race.
over and out

06 NA's

We're dieing to know whats going on down in Lake Pepin? Are you all hangin out at Ralph & Marys and the Pickle Factory,Wishin The Harbor View Cafe was open winters? Or is the sailing great? Did you get the snow we had in MPls. last night? Hows the ice? Who's cleanin up? How many boats? Those of us with jobs and no vacation time Need to live vicariously through you. Please give us any updates that are available.

DN 5050

DN 5050

hangin at the pickle factory

we are hanging at the pickle factory.. the gang there where great and opened up on monday and tuesday just for us. We had a bar right next to the launch area open in the morning for us and served us ribs and burgers after racing.

racing was great. today it was blowing pretty good and the ice had some water on it and got harder throughout the day. it was really fast. I got to watch the racing because i blew out the hound fitting on my mast.. after the first lap.. of the first race.. of the day..

so here are the top 10 gold fleet
1.  us44   Ron Sherry
2.  us183  Matt Stuble
3.  us4691 John Dennis
4.  us4379 John Harper
5.  us1183 Jan Gougeon
6.  us4480 Aaron Stange
7.  us4480 Jim Grogan
8.  us5144 Michael Rehe
9.  us4824 Mark Christnsen
10. us5116 Dave Clapp 

and top ten silver fleet

1.  c49    Merili Randmaa
2.  US4032 Robert Schumacher
3.  us5148 Harry Richardson
4.  us5    George Reis
5.  us4868 Richard Wollam
6.  us4654 George Long
7.  us244  Terry Erwin
8.  us1202 Douglas Harvey
9.  us1196 Anthony Mancini
10. kc5001 Claude Morin

Pickle Factory Web Cam???


Setup the webcam at the Pickle factory, so all of us stuck in cubes can enjoy the fun.

Sorry to hear about your mast, at least it's only the hound and not the mast breaking

forgot the cam cable..

that was the problem.. I had an alternate web cam (an isight firewire cam) but It worked at the shop, but the external power wasn't working we I was on the road. Also the mobile phone internet connection wasn't working very good down in pepin.. so that was problem number two..

Where are the Results?

How about some information about how things are going in Pepin?

Results from the day?



Hope for some good wind, and I will squeeze in a day off to come down and spectate. Any other locals interested, give me a call.
Mike 612-913-5304 work 612-868-2949 cell

Mike Miller