enroute to the centrals


wi hwy 29
10 miles west of shawano, wi

enroute to central regionals
expectations are high again.

we are expecting black ice on south elk, or maybe even north elk will come through with some very fresh ice.

the big white van had to depart to Miami for the Mumm30 event so we are in the jeep.

Clear skies with orion over are shoulder and a waxing cresent (2 days since new).

no snow events in the forecast..
good temps..

and good luck to ron, matt & john who left the fort for their dreams of world championships ..

now listening to: The Wanderers - Circles Of Time

JD did the marathon 6hr drive himself.. i was just car information officer, CIO.

All dry roads, but they just got a bunch of snow here last night.

We are going to stay here tonight and then get up at 7am and then drive the 219miles down to elk rapids,mi in the am to arrive at noon.

but oh crap we lost an hour, so now we have to get up at 6am, but it is probably like 5hrs from here so really 5:30am..
so only 4hrs ..night night..